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Tippe Talk

Mar 31, 2022

How do I move from desperate and discouraged to praise and hope? How do I walk with purpose amidst twists and turns? Where might I find wholeness when my heart feels divided? Do I notice where the sacred dwells? How might I release fear and embrace love? What way might Jesus be revealing to me?

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Mar 24, 2022

How might I share in the Spirit with others? When do I struggle with the interests and needs of others? What enables me to share love more fully? What makes up the strong foundation of my life? Where have I built on shifting sands? How might I connect more deeply with myself, others, the Divine?

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Mar 17, 2022

In these days, what within you needs saving? When have you been saved by others? How might you be the one who saves someone else? How does the Savior of the world show up in our lives? What does Jesus invite us into? What are some things that we can trust in because of our own personal experience?

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Mar 10, 2022

What are the sources of fear in your life? How do you trust in God when God appears to be silent? When you ask God “teach me your way,” what might that way look like? What does Jesus teach us with his relationship with the disciples? His relationship with God? How might you live into Jesus’s example?

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Mar 3, 2022

How might I deepen my relationship with Jesus? What experiences of Jesus have I had that reveal the possibility of intimacy? How might my experiences and relationships shift if I recognize that the only “command” is love? When have I experienced a hand lifting me up? Offered my hand to someone else?

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