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Tippe Talk

Apr 22, 2021

God, I thank You. You protect me, guide me, feed me, love me...shepherd me all the time whether I know it or not. You know me. You know I so long to lie restored. I walk many a dark valley and it often seems “my cup” is emptiest just when I need insight and energy most! In uncertain times I am...

Rerun "Deep Peace…Don’t Resist…A New Normal?"

Apr 13, 2021

Sunday, April 18, we don't have a recorded podcast, but you may go to our website ( and read this week's prompting.


God, like the disciples, sometimes I too need the safety of going behind locked doors. I get afraid of what I think I know. Often I doubt myself. At times, I fear I will be found out,...

Enjoy Easter...all 40 days of it!

Apr 8, 2021

Enjoy Easter...all 40 days of it!  And all of us are on a break from zooming this week!

If you need anything, please email or text...otherwise, I and we will be on break.  Worship resumes April 18th.

(Centering and Prayer will meet April 11 and Kids will Zoom on Wednesday the 14th.)

And, are you still feeling that Holy...

Apr 1, 2021

Holy One…we are so humbled and grateful…for we have been to Jerusalem and now…we move beyond Jerusalem…through the Cross…living into Your New Realm! We embrace a new, yet ancient reality: We are made resilient in Your love!

O Holy One…now is the time! The only time we have to live the fullness of life…in...