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Tippe Talk

Mar 25, 2021

Holy One…As we move toward Jerusalem, give us courage to reflect on our truest nature…our authentic humanity. For we long to embrace a new, yet ancient reality: We are made resilient in Your love, O Holy One, and able to…“Live As If” …no longer willing to be innocent By-Standers!

We enter Passion...

Mar 18, 2021

God you say you will write your law within me and write your ways on my heart. But before You can write anything new on my heart, Lord, You will have to do a lot of erasing... I long to be free of the old influences and voices. Please do erase the old ways...but as not to remove even one more layer of my...

Learning to Live “As If”... Snakes and Mice and Elephants

Mar 11, 2021

Dear listeners,
Unfortunately, we were not able to create a podcast of our prompting for March 14, 2021. However, if you would like to read the text, it is available on our website If you would like to join our Zoom service on Sunday, please email Pastor Karen at

Mar 4, 2021

When I look to You, Lord, Your wisdom revives my whole being! Let me lean into Your wisdom and rejoice in the relief it brings! I clearly see what it is You want for me if I will only trust myself to go for it! Help me see my hidden faults through the lens of Your love. Help me keep my pride from getting in my way! Let...