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Tippe Talk

Nov 19, 2020

As fall fades and the cusp of winter nears, we enter a fallow mother nature and in our human nature. In nature, the fields lay fallow - not planted and covered by snow. Snow that contains the nitrogen the soil needs for new life to grow. So the plant roots actively continue to grow, imbibe the richness of the soil…made possible in fallowness. And this bears fruit! Literally, in the right timing: spring. 

The Fallow Way in our human nature is a time when God invites us to enter into God’s ways of enriching ourselves with holy rest and holy restoration…taking in what we most need now…knowing this bears much fruit in our right timing, too…a conscious time restoring and preparing us as internal seasons of winter and, so then, spring come. 

When we embrace the Fallow Way, there is precious work unfolding beneath the surface of things with real consequence. 

Holy One, I hear You. There’s a goat in me - when I don’t tend to the least of these (who are hungry, thirsty, the stranger, naked) for they…are You. We are One. But, there is a sheep in me too…for there are times when I have done these things, willing to see You in the human being before me. In those times…in them, I see myself as well as You. Help me sort out my inner sheep from my inner goat and live within Your fold.

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