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Tippe Talk

Rerun "Deep Peace…Don’t Resist…A New Normal?"

Apr 13, 2021

Sunday, April 18, we don't have a recorded podcast, but you may go to our website ( and read this week's prompting.


God, like the disciples, sometimes I too need the safety of going behind locked doors. I get afraid of what I think I know. Often I doubt myself. At times, I fear I will be found out, that no one will be able to understand my truth, that I will…like You…get nailed just for being who I am. 

Can You blame me for wanting to hide? Do You blame me? 

It seems the world is filled with those who claim certainty even in these uncertain times. Doubt seems reasonable and yet so unsafe! What else can I do but go behind locked doors? Is there some other way of surviving? 

Please, answer me and teach me Your ways….of Peace….
Inner Peace laced with Hope! 

Frightened and locked into the only way of surviving I know, it is scary to change and seek a new normal.  Come to me like you did to Thomas, and let me touch You…so I may believe in my unbelief.  Let me feel Your words, “Peace be with you.” Help me resist and begin again…begin a new life blessed with a new normal! 


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