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Tippe Talk

Learning to Live “As If”... Snakes and Mice and Elephants

Mar 11, 2021

Dear listeners,
Unfortunately, we were not able to create a podcast of our prompting for March 14, 2021. However, if you would like to read the text, it is available on our website If you would like to join our Zoom service on Sunday, please email Pastor Karen at

Complaining usually doesn't get you what you want!  The Hebrews wanted to be rescued, instead they got…snakes!  Oh, Lord...I'd like to complain about some things that aren't going very well in my life.  I trust you are listening to me, but could You just hold off with the snakes a bit?  I’m pretty weary. 

When they come, what will my snakes be?  What is biting me, frightening me?  Lord, help me look my life right in the face and see the consequences of my own …the consequences of my own choices.  Help me recognize my antidote…the thing most needed now.  Help me find the courage to live “As If” this is not the end but the beginning of a new me.  Lord, I ask it. 

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