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Tippe Talk

May 4, 2021

God, I know something about being pruned. I know what it feels like to be cut off or kept away from the people and things I love and are important to me. I bear no fruit when this happens...not for me, or You, or anybody! In such times, I often can’t feel anything at all, let alone Your presence. When life is cutting: How am I to live joyfully? …bear fruit? How do I know where to turn? …in whom to abide? How do I know what to choose? …recognize the true vine? 

You say, "Come to me." Lord, I long to come. When life is cutting and there are many false branches blocking my way, please make a Way…please, come to me. Help me distinguish between the pruning the world does which diminishes my life and the pruning You do which takes me beyond the mind I have so I can think differently and accept uncertainty. I come…

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