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Tippe Talk

Apr 22, 2021

God, I thank You. You protect me, guide me, feed me, love me...shepherd me all the time whether I know it or not. You know me. You know I so long to lie restored. I walk many a dark valley and it often seems “my cup” is emptiest just when I need insight and energy most! In uncertain times I am counting on You to gather me around Your table! 

Lord God, these are indeed uncertain times and often I struggle. I struggle to know how to be with those I assume to be friends, let alone my “enemies”. I am often running on empty, irritable or difficult to be around. Yet, You fill me up. You lead me if I will but hear Your voice! 

Help me to show up in my own life and not to be “sheepish” about my life’s possibilities…to stay curious. Abba, help me to live “love.” This is my prayer, Lord God. You hear me.

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