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Tippe Talk

Dec 2, 2021

Holy One, too often my answer to the darkness is not running toward Bethlehem, but running away. I should know by now that I can't see where I'm going in the dark, shouldn't I? 

Running away is rampant...separation is stylish. 
Run and tranquilize, don't talk about it, avoid. 
Run away and join all those who have already run away. 

When am I going to learn, Lord, Christmas comes only when I turn and face the mystery of the darkness -- scary as that may be!? Only then will I be able to see the Light of the World. 

This year let me do what Mary did and trust God to be in the unknown. 
Let me do what Joseph did and listen to my dreams. 
Let me do what the Wise Men did and go to worship. 
Let me do what the shepherds did and praise and glorify You for all I've seen and heard! 

I so long for the “quite enough” of Bethlehem in my life!  May this season be the Advent of me! Holiness, may I find renewal as I resist the ways of the world and lean into the Holiness of daily life. May I pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it! I lean into the mystery of Your presence. 

The Advent of our Lord is now…US!  Once again, Christ is about to be birthed…within us. And so it is: The season renews us, enabling us to recognize and resist that which is not life-giving, that not of God’s deepest desires for us. Yes, this season of living into the mystery is a blessing! 

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