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Tippe Talk

Dec 9, 2021

Some of us…I…walk into Advent tethered to my unresolved yesterdays…the pain still stabbing, the hurt still throbbing.  It’s not that I don’t know better; it’s just that I can’t stand up anymore by myself.  On the way to Bethlehem, who will give me a hand?  …make room for me?  …see I have had quite enough?   And...I know God sees me and is still throwing stars my way…if only I will open my eyes…and my heart to possibility! 

So, when I begin to think I can predict the absence or advent of God, box the Christ in a stable in Bethlehem, rather than take the lid off His possibility for me…when I keep God out of my life and don’t take the hand of help offered me…the story tells me...that’s just the time God will be born in a place within me, and beyond me, I haven’t imagined and won’t want to believe. 

I join those who wait for God watching with our hearts and not our eyes, listening…always listening...for angel words.  Waiting with others is just what I need!  I hear You calling me. 

I so long for the “quite enough” of Bethlehem in my life!  May this season be the Advent of me!  Holiness, may I find renewal as I resist the ways of the world and lean into the Holiness of daily life.  May I pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it!  I lean into the mystery of Your presence. 

The Advent of our Lord is now…US!  Once again, Christ is about to be birthed…within us. And so it is: The season renews us, enabling us to recognize and resist that which is not life-giving, that not of God’s deepest desires for us. Yes, this season of living into the mystery is a blessing! 

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