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Tippe Talk

Nov 24, 2020

The spirit of Advent is one of longing…longing for more, for other…for we know deeply…there must be more. Surely God is not done with creation yet. We know…we cannot make it through on our own…to figure it out, fix what is broken, address the myriad needs we see. So there exists this longing…perhaps…more…a sacred trust. 

In Advent, we give ourselves…perhaps hesitantly at first but then more fully…give ourselves to Holy possibility. We journey into Advent as faithfully as we are able. We only move forward…together.  This is our prayer and an affirmation of the love of God for each of us, all of us. This is ADVENT’s hope, love, joy, peace. 

A cosmic change is coming! 

It comes…even as we are tired and weary of more changing. 

 Through God’s action…not by our own initiation, 

change comes to us for God wants more for us

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